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How Mitchs Austravarian Motorcycles began...
    My experience with BMW motorcycles began in 1975. I was just 15 then and as many of you know it gets into your blood and never leaves. It does not matter if it is cold, windy, raining or hot, we need to get on our motorcycles and ride. I worked for a few years as a commercial pilot flying cargo in 12-seaters, but my heart is with motorcycles.
In 1988 I went back to working at Marty's BMW (Marty's Foreign Motors),  This was a special place for myself and many other people. Marty's Foreign Motors was started in 1952 by Pierre Marty and his wife Elise. These 2 had   the courage to sell bikes that were not from England or American made. Some of the motorcycles they sold were DKW, Zundapp, Maico and BMWs. The 2 also had a Citroen dealership among other things. All this was at the location in Culver City.In 1972 Mr. Marty and his wife downsized and moved to the Torrance location where they had BMW, Moto Guzzi, and repaired Citroen cars.
I grew up learning from my father, and 2 A&P mechanics. One of these mechanics, Jehd Webster, is a regional service rep for BMW na. As my addiction to motorcycles increased, so did my learning. Having raced desert, motorcross, enduros, supermottard, and trials, I have learned from these experiences, as well as riding 1254 miles in 24 hours. In this way I can bring my personal approach  and thorough knowledge to you and your motorcycle.
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