Major Servicing :

At 10 or 12k, 20 or 24k miles etc. In addition to the minor service, the following are included: drive train oils replaced, fork oil on non telelever bikes replaced, fuel filter replacement on all fuel injected bikes, valve adjustment on 1st and every other major for 4 valve k bikes, just about every nut and bolt tightened, air filter replaced, or if k&n cleaned, sparkplugs replaced, valve cover gaskets replaced as needed.

Key Benefits
* One- Thorough road test is like a second opinion, read out computer for faults
   * Two- Catch something that is happening slowly that you don't realize and have compensated for (steering bearing wear for example)
   * One- Keep bike running top notch
   * Two- Piece of mind
   * Three- Take bike on very long trip and enjoy the journey ( postcards very welcome)
Mitch's Motorcycles has moved to Boise, Idaho!
( It's a 310 # but we live in Boise, Idaho! )