All suspension drop shipped from Ohlins importer here in the USA. This gives you the advantage of getting the newest production changes and specs delivered to your door in 1 - 5 business days!
We offer 5 different spring rates to set up us your bike to get your proper setup.
Ohlins suspension is a world leader in making your motorcycle a better bike.
Ohlins started in the mid 1970's, and in 1978 Husqvarna was the 1st production motorcycle (390CR) to have Ohlins suspension installed at the factory. From then on the experience thru road racing to off-road racing has made Ohlins the worlds best suspension. Even if you're not scrapping the valve covers or center stand, your r1150rt, 1100gs or k12lt, or any other make and model can benefit from Ohlins.
The stock showa (Japanese non re-buildable and no interchanging of springs) shocks are made to suit everybody and all riding styles. This compromises handling, g outs and rider weights. A new set of Ohlins are sold according to you and your bikes needs. The standard Ohlins are set up for riders 160-180 pound weight.
Remember, Mitch's Austravarian Motorcycles always sells Ohlins at a price too good to pass up. With so little time to enjoy your bike,  make the best of it. If you have any questions about your bikes suspension, you can send your e-mail to Contact.
*Prices are subject to change
Not happy with your BMW S1000RR oem  Ohlins setup?
Upgrade that rear shock
Your OEM stocks are a compromise!
With a wide range of riders weights, accessories and abilities stock shocks are under dampened. Those facts combined with an incorrect spring rate means you not getting the best ride you could have.
By installing OHLINS suspension on your bike will greatly improve the safety, ability and comfort of your bike. With the proper suspension set up the bike will ride higher than stock and more ground clearance will give you a smoother ride over rough roads.
Most of is have little enough time to ride as it is, your bike should handle the best possible.
By 18000 miles your stock OEM suspension has already compromised your handling,
so order your OHLINS shocks today
and enjoy a better quality ride.
Upgrade your standard OHLINS suspension to
OHLINS TTX Technology
BMWs that come basic ohlins installed these can be greatly improved
Ask about our upgrades!
Need shock types or other products you don't see mentioned here?
Then email us and let us get the best price for you
Get Cutting Edge Tech only offered by OHLINS!

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Unleash your BMW F800GS suspension with an Ohlins  30mm fork cartridge kit and rear Ohlins shock.